$199.00 USD

JHUI Level 3 Assessment Phase

Make it official: complete the assessment phase to become a JHUI Level 3-Certified Teacher!

Register for the JHUI Level 3 Assessment Phase, then submit your portfolio for assessment. Your portfolio includes your practice logs (50 hours), teaching logs (5), performance recording (1) and teaching video (1).

Your portfolio will be assessed by JHUI staff on a pass/fail basis. The assessor will also provide feedback on your submissions. If you are not successful the first time, you may re-submit without additional fees.

The benefits of completing your certificate include:

  • Your JHUI Level 3 Teacher Certificate (PDF with optional hardcopy)
  • Digital JHUI Level 3 badge to use on your website and/or social media to show your certification to potential students
  • Level 3 lapel pin
  • Your name, photo and/or contact details in the JHUI Teacher Directory (optional)

Instructions for submitting your portfolio will be sent to you once you've registered for the assessment phase.