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Ready, Steady, UKULELE!

The $1 Absolute-Beginner Course with James Hill

Over 60 minutes of video instruction plus printable sheet music, a beginner's chord chart, a note-finder chart and much more. Here's what's included in this fun, unique beginner course:

  • LESSON 1: Buying, Holding and Tuning Your Ukulele
    • Buying Your Ukulele
    • Holding Your Ukulele
    • Tuning Your Ukulele

  • LESSON 2: Your First Chords
    • Your First Chord
    • Your Second Chord

  • LESSON 3: Your First Song
    • Your First Song
    • What About the C Chord?

  • LESSON 4: How to Play Melody
    • How to Play Melody (Part 1)
    • How to Play Melody (Part 2)

  • LESSON 5: Reading Music
    • Introduction to Reading Music
    • How TAB Works
    • How Standard Notation Works

    • Quiz Time!
    • Where To Now?

All lessons include pre-recorded videos with James Hill.  Play, pause, speed up, slow down and repeat as many times as you like!