I am over 13 years of age. I consent to the collection of my email address and full name by (these will primarily be used to communicate with me about my course).

I acknowledge that, as a member of ukuLOUDLY, I do not retain any rights to the arrangements or master recordings connected to this project. I hereby grant James Hill and Crystal Lake Media Inc. a perpetual, non-exclusive worldwide license to use and distribute any vocal and instrumental recordings I submit to ukuLOUDLY. These recordings will be used exclusively to create audio and audio-visual media for the ukuLOUDLY project.

I have read and understood the Uketropolis terms and privacy policy.



ukuLOUDLY isn't just a band... it's your band!

Here's how it works:

  1.  Attend Rehearsal
    When James has a new arrangement ready for the band, you'll be invited via email. Tune in from anywhere in the world on rehearsal day to learn your vocal and/or instrumental part. (Rehearsals are recorded in case you can't attend live.)

    2. Record Your Part
    Record your playing and/or singing part on your own time, on your own device (even a cell phone voice memo is fine).

    3. Submit Your Part
    Submit your part before the song deadline, then James will mix the track (this usually takes a week or two). When it's done you'll be invited to join James and the rest of the band for an online mix reveal session! 🎉

ukuLOUDLY is free and open to anyone over 13 years of age. It's a fun way connect with other uke players and expand your skills. See you at band practice!