ukuLOUDLY isn't just a band... it's your band! 🙌


(Yep, it's free!)

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How It Works

Every few weeks, James Hill chooses a song from the Uketropolis catalog and arranges it in a wild and surprising way. A heavy-metal version of "Crawdad Song"? A dubstep remix of "Cripple Creek"? Anything is possible. Here's the best part: members of ukuLOUDLY get to play on the recording! It's free, fun and a great way to connect with other ukulele players.

1. Attend Rehearsal

Tune in from anywhere in the world on rehearsal day to learn your vocal and/or instrumental part.

2. Record Your Part

Record your part on your own time, on your own device (even a cell phone voice memo is fine).

3. Submit Your Part

Submit your part before the song deadline, then join James for an online mix reveal session! 🎉

Make friends. Make music.


(It's free)