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When Things Go Off the Rails: Rolling With It

pedagogy corner Oct 19, 2021

We all have moments in our teaching when something just doesn't go as planned. In fact, sometimes an entire lesson can feel like it goes off the rails. How can we plan for the unexpected?

I recently had an experience of a class not going as...

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Engaging classrooms with less stress

pedagogy corner Sep 22, 2021

Feeling overwhelmed in the classroom? Give yourself a break with these time-tested teaching strategies.

You're a busy teacher. So, let's get right to it with some ideas you can use in your classroom this week!

Bring expert support into your...

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Hawai'i Aloha Arrangement and Lesson

Continuing on with our recognition of the 'ukulele's birthday this week, celebrating the arrival of the Ravenscrag in Hawai'i in 1879, here is an arrangement of the beautiful song, Hawai'i Aloha. Learn it for yourself and teach it to...

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Machetes and Rajãos and Taropatches, Oh My!

from the vault Aug 24, 2021

In this month's From the Vault, we look back at John King's 2008 Ukulele Yes! article, shedding light on some of the early history of the 'ukulele and its predecessors in late-nineteenth century Hawaii.

In a 1922 article published...
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Not too fast, not too slow. Be the Goldilocks of your classroom with "just right" pacing

pedagogy corner Aug 17, 2021

Bored students? Frustrated students? Rhythm and pacing in our classes can help keep players engaged and learning.

With a bit of planning and observation, we can create music classes that keep everyone on track. Let’s take a look at some...

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How to Lead a Great Ukulele Jam

from the vault Jul 20, 2021
Though this From the Vault post is from December 2011—nearly ten years ago—the basics of how to effectively lead a jam still apply! As we slowly begin to see opportunities to get back together in person, or even if we continue with...
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Ukulele Summer Bingo!

pedagogy corner Jul 05, 2021

Looking for a summer activity for your students or ukulele group? Something fun that will keep them learning? Uketropolis Summer Bingo challenge to the rescue!

We thought it would be a whole lot of summer fun to create an activity for you to share...

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Care and Feeding of Your Ukulele

from the vault Jun 22, 2021

From Ukulele Yes! March 2011 (online)

You bought your ukulele to play it. It is made to be used. In fact, a strong argument can be made that playing it will keep it in better condition. Some wisdom for caring for your ukulele in this month's From...

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What's the score? Notation programs for ukulele teachers

pedagogy corner Jun 16, 2021

Notation software can be an incredibly useful tool. Creating arrangements, multiple parts, printing, sharing, transposing... these are all things that can be made more efficient and professional-looking with the right notation program. So which...

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What Makes a "Teachable" Song?

from the vault May 26, 2021

There's a difference between "a good song" and "a good song for teaching music." This month's From the Vault features our very own James Hill exploring what it means for a song to be "teachable," concluding that when it comes to choosing...

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