The Transformative Power of the Ukulele

james' two cents Dec 30, 2019


Ukulele is a transformative instrument with the power to change lives for the better.

Happy New Year wishes from James!  Uketropolis online ukulele lessons founder reflects on why the way you feel when you play ukulele is the way you want to feel all the time.


Full Transcription

Happy New Year from Whanagamata beach in New Zealand!  This place has been the spiritual...

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How to Teach Rhythm In Music

pedagogy corner Nov 04, 2019

How can we incorporate one of the most important elements of music into our online classes? Cheryl Reid gives us the best tips on how to teach rhythm.

Our main goal as music instructors is to teach musicianship, so every single exercise we do should sound musical and rhythmically “in the pocket” from the first lesson onward. Rhythm needs to be integral to everything else we...

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Meet the Music Teacher: Christina O’Brien

pedagogy corner Oct 02, 2019

Christina shares some of her experience using Ukulele in the Classroom… in the classroom!

Ukulele has been hands down the BEST instrument I have used to build music literacy skills in the classroom.  After hearing about James Hill’s Ukulele in the Classroom (UITC) series from a friend, I looked into the level one books and decided it would fit really well with my...

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How To Master The Clawhammer Technique

Ready to learn clawhammer with James? His online course Americana Ukulele includes lessons on clawhammer along with a 30-minute "Bum Ditty Bootcamp" play-along practice video! Learn more

Clawhammer is an old and beautiful playing technique that could change your life. Learn how to master the clawhammer below!

This technique probably comes from West Africa and is used extensively in...

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Ukulele Lesson Ideas: Starting the school year right

pedagogy corner Sep 02, 2019

Here are a few ukulele lesson ideas to help get your students back in the groove for the new school year.

By Angela Dwyer

(Psst... If you're looking for online ukulele lessons then head to the Uketropolis homepage to find the best beginner ukulele courses up to advanced levels!)

It’s September! Here in Canada it means that beach days and bar-b-ques are replaced by school days and...

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Meet the Teacher: John Nash

pedagogy corner Aug 01, 2019

John explains the impact of the JHUI Teacher Certification program on his own teaching.

I entered the JHUI Teacher Certification program in the summer 2017 and it had an immediate impact on my teaching. I was not only gaining ukulele-specific teaching skills, also a new understanding of pedagogy and how to develop it.

While working through the three years of the of the JHUI program...

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Tips On How To Be A Goo Ukulele Teacher!

pedagogy corner Jul 02, 2019

This month, Angela Dwyer shares some music teacher ideas she’s learned from her teacher, J. Chalmers Doane.

For me, part of how to be a good ukulele teacher is taking the time to be a student and I am fortunate to be part of the James Hill Ukulele Initiative and The Ukulele Way, learning new things as I progress through my musical journey. But in addition to this, every Thursday...

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Meet the Teacher: Cynthia Kinnunen

pedagogy corner Jun 02, 2019

This month, Cynthia Kinnunen shares some thoughts on using the Ukulele in the Classroom methodology with her adult online ukulele lesson students.

As you know, one of the beautiful things about the ukulele is that a wide range of people – from children right through to the elderly – are learning to not only make music with it, but also dive deeper into their understanding...

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Ukulele Games!

pedagogy corner May 02, 2019

This month, some ukulele games that will have your students thinking about notes!

By Suzanne Doane

Students love games and it’s a fun way to get a technique across while keeping the class light and lively. Here are some that I like to play with my students. Be sure to keep it moving!

Echo Picking

There are lots of variations for this. It’s a great way to have students playing...

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Meet the Teacher: Kevin Carroll

pedagogy corner Apr 02, 2019

JHUI Level 3 Certified Teacher Kevin Carroll shares his experience with arranging for ukulele ensemble.

By Kevin Carroll

As a proud member of the JHUI Level 3 class of ’15, I still remember the moment when I was just about finished with the program. One of the final steps of completing the program involves making your own differentiated Big Band Arrangement. It...

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