What's Next for JHUI?

pedagogy corner May 18, 2024

By James Hill & Angela Dwyer

In July 2024, an exciting new chapter of JHUI begins! Below is a summary of the changes that are coming to the program. If you'd like to watch the full Zoom session where James and Angela talk through these changes and answer questions, please click here.

JHUI was founded by James and his father, Barry, nearly 15 years ago as a way to offer high-quality teacher training to the ukulele community. For almost a decade, this was offered at in-person institutes in Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Thailand. At that time, each level took 10 months to complete. In 2020, the program moved online and, as a result, was able to reach even more teachers around the world. During this period, each level took 5 months to complete with two program start times: January and July.

Starting in July, we will making three important changes: Rolling Enrollment, Optional Certification and JHUI Coaching.

  1. Rolling Enrollment: We will be switching to rolling enrollment instead of the current cohort-based system. This means that participants will be able to join the program at any time and work through the material at their own pace. For the first time, teachers will be able to access the program materials at any level regardless of prior experience (e.g. you could register for Levels 1, 2 and 3 at the same time and get instant access to all the material).
  2. Optional Certification: Participants will have the option to become JHUI-certified if certification is important to them. Otherwise, they may elect to access only the information and community aspects of the course for a lower price. Access to the information (i.e. demonstration videos, lectures, quizzes, and resources) will cost $299.00USD per level (a one-time fee for forever-access). Certification is an optional add-on that will cost $199.00USD per certificate. This certification option can be added at any time and allows you to submit your portfolio and recordings for grading. Note that certificates must be completed sequentially.
  3. JHUI Coaching: Mentorship has been a crucial aspect of JHUI for the past several years. We have relied on a team of dedicated volunteer mentors who have offered support to those who needed a helping hand during their JHUI journey. I cannot thank our mentor team enough. These folks have given freely of their time and expertise for years and I'm truly grateful for their contributions to the JHUI community. Beginning in July, these same experienced JHUI mentors will be available for paid one-on-one JHUI Coaching sessions via Zoom. Bookings will be scheduled and managed through the Uketropolis website. Thank you, JHUI Coaching Team!

In 2024, the time has come to make some important changes to the way the program can be accessed.

For clarity, lets imagine an ukulele teacher named June. June runs a uke program in a public school for students aged 8-10. At the start of the school year, June enrolls in JHUI Levels 1, 2, and 3 so she can access all the demonstration videos and teaching tips she might need for her program and to connect with fellow teachers. She has a degree in music and does not feel the need for a JHUI certificate at this time.

Two years later, June decides to offer private ukulele lessons for students of all ages. While she already has a music degree, she feels it would be an asset to hold a JHUI Certificate, add her name to the JHUI Teacher Directory, and display a JHUI Certified Teacher badge on her website. So, she purchases the Level 1 certificate add-on and submits her portfolio, teaching video and performance recordings for grading. To help prepare for her assessment, she books a one-on-one session with an experienced JHUI Coach who helps her to submit a strong portfolio.

This gives June the best of both worlds: she can access the information and community when she needs it and has the option to earn her certificate if and when she chooses to. This has never before been possible and we're excited to user in a new era of access and flexibility to the JHUI program. 

Please note that the content of the program, the requirements for certification, and the ability to apply for scholarships will remain unchanged. The JHUI Teacher Certification Program continues to offer the same high-quality content and uphold the same high standards for certification that it always has. We are simply improving the program's level of flexibility and accessibility. JHUI can now fit into your schedule in a more seamless way than ever before.

One more thing: JHUI community events and offerings will continue! This means regularly-scheduled JHUI Live Zoom sessions, 24/7 access to the JHUI Cafe, and annual events like J'Halloween and the JHUI Social.

Click here to learn more about the JHUI Teacher Certification Program.


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