Podcast #10 - Suspense

podcast Nov 06, 2020

The feeling of... suspense.

It's early in the morning on November 4th, the day after the U.S. election. And there's a feeling of suspense in the air all over the world. Here in Nova Scotia, Canada, we feel it too. What is that feeling of suspense? When do we feel that in music? And how does the ukulele bring out these emotions?
In this episode:
  • What is a sus chord?
  • A chord-melody...
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Podcast #9 - Eve Goldberg Interview

podcast Oct 28, 2020

The first Uketropolis interview! Meet Eve Goldberg, musician, activist, teacher and songwriter. Find out more at www.evegoldberg.com.

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Podcast #5 - Searching for the key

podcast Sep 30, 2020

1) Why rolling a chord can save your bacon. 2) Why The Ukulele Way is colour-coded and what the colours mean. 3) How to "sleuth out" the key of a melody when you only have the notes to work with.

James P. on "Lesson 5: Streets of Laredo"
My pinky finger is a little slow to get to that B-flat chord!

James Hill replies "Lesson 5: Streets of Laredo
Not to worry, James... it will...
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Podcast #4 - Practise with your eyes closed. Seriously.

podcast Sep 22, 2020

1) If you're busy learning the ukulele online then this is why you should practise with your eyes closed. 2) Simple music theory that can really help. 3) The two ways – yes, there are only two – to create chord-melody arrangements.

Barbara on "Lesson 5: Carnival of Venice (Interlaced)"
When playing a song like this, I often find myself playing one string off on my right...
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Podcast #3 - Pinkie on C?

podcast Sep 15, 2020

1) How to tune ukuleles in the time of COVID? 2) Why use your pinkie to play the C chord? 3) What chords are you using to accompany the C scale?

Susan on "My Open Strings: Highlights"
I am starting with my grade 9s tomorrow. I tuned them all Friday afternoon but because of Covid I am not going to touch them right before they do or approach a student. Neither can they pass around the...
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Podcast #2 - You're going too fast!

podcast Sep 08, 2020

1) How can I follow along when you're playing too fast? 2) How are you strumming in Booster Uke? 3) What part of the finger is hitting the strings on the down strum?

John on "Lesson 3: The Jazzy Twins"
When you're playing Lil Liza jane fast it very hard to follow you specially when your learning those notes.

James answers:
Good point, John. You can slow down both the video and the...
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Podcast #1 - How do I know when I know it?

podcast Sep 01, 2020

In this episode: 1. How to know when it's time to move on to the next lesson. 2. Can a C chord be a C chord even when it doesn't look like a C chord? 3. How to navigate easily between all six levels of The Ukulele Way online.

JP asks:
Is it recommended to be able to play through at 100% speed repeatedly without mistakes before moving to the next lesson? Excited to learn more but don't...
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Welcome to the Uketropolis Podcast

podcast Aug 31, 2020

Welcome to Uketropolis, a podcast with real ukulele answers to real ukulele questions. I'm your host, James Hill, the founder of Uketropolis, the leading provider of online ukulele lessons. 

I'm a lifelong ukulele player, teacher and believer in the power of ukulele to make positive change in the world. I've written and co-written several ukulele courses including Booster...

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