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Singing the strings

from the vault Feb 01, 2023

Once again, we are reaching back to the original Ukulele Yes! print magazine, this time with an article by J. Chalmers Doane who teaches you how you can use the ukulele as a vocal harmony generator.

From Ukulele Yes! Vol. 5. (1976). p. 12.


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Hot Video Tips from James Hill

pedagogy corner Aug 09, 2022

Video content is where it’s at these days. Whether you’re a creator, music maker, teacher, or learner, there may very well be a need to record yourself. And there are plenty of tutorials out there about how to do this and what products...

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Let's get interactive!

pedagogy corner Jul 13, 2022

What are interactive scores and what can we do with them? 

Interactive scores are part of nearly every online ukulele course in Uketropolis. Why? Because they bring music to life in a way that we could only have imagined even a decade ago....

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The Eliminator Game

from the vault Jun 21, 2022

Ready for a scale game that's competitive, addictive, and requires no electricity, batteries, apps or devices? We're throwing back to this great post by Suzanne Doane for this month's From the Vault, sharing a tried-and-true game for ukulele...

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Are your students ready for the Ukulympics?

pedagogy corner Jun 07, 2022

Strap on that uke, stretch those muscles, and get ready for this musical challenge of strength, skill, and perseverance: the Ukulympics!

It’s June and that means many teachers are pushing through the final weeks of classes or looking for...

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Medley Magic! Making Music Marvelous!

from the vault May 24, 2022

In this month's From the Vault, we throw back to a post from Michael Conway exploring the joy of medleys, a sequence of songs "glued together" by musical transitions and united by a common theme or style. They are fun to play and offer a great way...

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Open ears: why listening to many versions of a song is good for you

pedagogy corner May 10, 2022

Has one particular version of a song really resonated with you while others don't even come close? I experienced this with Jeff Buckley’s interpretation of the Leonard Cohen song, "Hallelujah." Though I like many versions of it, to...

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New Season, New Sounds

pedagogy corner Apr 19, 2022

In music, we’re taught a lot of rules and told we must follow them. But creativity is a critical part of all music-making; exploring the creative aspect of music can build confidence, expand understanding, and lead to new realms...

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How To Teach Intervals In Music

pedagogy corner Apr 04, 2022

Why is it so important to teach intervals in music and how can we do it? Cynthia Kinnunen gives us some ideas on teaching music intervals with games and exercises to engage our students, both children and adults.

Intervals are the building...

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Beethoven's Symphony No. 7

from the vault Mar 22, 2022

Back in 1812, Beethoven completed his seventh symphony. His works are powerful and this theme from the second movement of the piece is no exception; a mix of hope and tragedy, elation and despair. Beethoven himself considered it one of his best...

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