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How to Lead a Great Ukulele Jam

from the vault Jul 20, 2021
Though this From the Vault post is from December 2011—nearly ten years ago—the basics of how to effectively lead a jam still apply! As we slowly begin to see opportunities to get back together in person, or even if we continue with...
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Ukulele Summer Bingo!

pedagogy corner Jul 05, 2021

Looking for a summer activity for your students or ukulele group? Something fun that will keep them learning? Uketropolis Summer Bingo challenge to the rescue!

We thought it would be a whole lot of summer fun to create an activity for you to share...

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Care and Feeding of Your Ukulele

from the vault Jun 22, 2021

From Ukulele Yes! March 2011 (online)

You bought your ukulele to play it. It is made to be used. In fact, a strong argument can be made that playing it will keep it in better condition. Some wisdom for caring for your ukulele in this month's From...

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What's the score? Music Notation software for ukulele teachers

pedagogy corner Jun 16, 2021

Music notation software can be an incredibly useful tool. Creating arrangements, multiple parts, printing, sharing, transposing... these are all things that can be made more efficient and professional-looking with the right notation program. So...

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What Makes a "Teachable" Song?

from the vault May 26, 2021

There's a difference between "a good song" and "a good song for teaching music." This month's From the Vault features our very own James Hill exploring what it means for a song to be "teachable," concluding that when it comes to choosing...

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The Godfather of Canadian Ukulele: J. Chalmers Doane (Part Two)

Uncategorized May 18, 2021

In part two of our interview with Canada’s godfather of ukulele, J. Chalmers Doane continues sharing his experience of bringing our favourite instrument into schools and communities across Canada. 

Uketropolis Team Member Zsolt...

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Let's Get Social! Social media as a tool for your music teaching business

pedagogy corner May 12, 2021


Practically everyone's on social media these days. How do we best use these platforms as marketing tools for online ukulele teaching or music teaching in general? There’s a lot to learn but we’ve got a few ideas to...

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Seven Point Guide to Why You Should Play the Ukulele

from the vault Apr 27, 2021


The more things change, the more they stay the same, except perhaps the price of ukuleles! This month's From the Vault is a true throwback to the original Ukulele Yes! print magazine, with an article from the very first issue in...

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The Godfather of Canadian Ukulele: J. Chalmers Doane (Part One)

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2021

The first of a two-part interview with Canadian ukulele education legend, J. Chalmers Doane, sharing the story of his own musical evolution and reflecting on bringing music education to thousands through this instrument for more than 50...

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Welcome to the Alternate Tuning Dimension

pedagogy corner Apr 13, 2021


Everyone’s talking about alternate tunings on ukulele. But can we bring them into the classroom to use with our students? You bet!

Alternate tunings are a hot topic these days. James got us excited in mid-2020 when he shared his...

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