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Two ideas. A million possibilities.

james' two cents Mar 04, 2020


In 2002 I released my first album. It was called "Playing it like it isn't" and I recorded the whole thing in my dorm room. That was the start of my career as a musician.

At that time there was no YouTube and the third wave of ukulele...

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How To Hold A Ukulele: Ergonomic Tips

pedagogy corner Feb 11, 2020

Here's a quick guide to warming up as a ukulele player and tips on how to hold the ukulele properly as a right-handed player.

Just as athletes have a stretching and warm-up routine, ukulele players should consider posture, ergonomics and...

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Benefits Of The Ukulele

james' two cents Feb 04, 2020


They say that firewood warms you three times: once when you're chopping it, once when you're stacking it and once again when you're burning it. Your ukulele is a lot like that, there are unique and special benefits to playing the ukulele,...

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JHUI: Big Changes Ahead!

james' two cents Jan 15, 2020

There are big changes ahead for JHUI.  What are they and when will they happen?

By James Hill

It's been almost a decade since my dad and I developed the James Hill Ukulele Initiative (which most of us now call JHUI).  The idea was...

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How To Start A Song Right!

pedagogy corner Jan 10, 2020


One thing is for sure: the hardest part of doing anything is getting started.  Music is no different. 

By James Hill, founder of Uketropolis, online ukelele lessons.

How many times have you had trouble getting a song...

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The Transformative Power of the Ukulele

james' two cents Dec 30, 2019


Ukulele is a transformative instrument with the power to change lives for the better.

Happy New Year wishes from James!  Uketropolis online ukulele lessons founder reflects on why the way you feel when you play ukulele is the way you...

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How to Teach Rhythm In Music

pedagogy corner Nov 04, 2019

How can we incorporate one of the most important elements of music into our online classes? Cheryl Reid gives us the best tips on how to teach rhythm.

Our main goal as music instructors is to teach musicianship, so every single exercise...

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Meet the Music Teacher: Christina O’Brien

pedagogy corner Oct 02, 2019

Christina shares some of her experience using Ukulele in the Classroom… in the classroom!

Ukulele has been hands down the BEST instrument I have used to build music literacy skills in the classroom.  After hearing about James...

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How To Master The Clawhammer Technique


Clawhammer is an old and beautiful playing technique that could change your life, learn how to master the clawhammer below!.

This technique probably comes from West Africa and is used extensively in "old-time" banjo playing, a style that...

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Ukulele Lesson Ideas: Starting the school year right

pedagogy corner Sep 02, 2019

Here are a few ukulele lesson ideas to help get your students back in the groove for the new school year.

By Angela Dwyer

(Psst... If you're looking for online ukulele lessons then head to the Uketropolis homepage to find the best...

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