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Ukulele in the Classroom is free
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Ukulele in the Classroom Level 1

Level 1

16 songs. Music from Canada, the USA, Nigeria, England, Germany, France, Hawaii and China.

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Ukulele in the Classroom Level 2

Level 2

18 songs. Music from Guatemala, Hawaii, Germany and Ireland. Latin, Blues, Classical and more.

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Ukulele in the Classroom Level 3

Level 3

16 songs. Music from Bulgaria, Austria and El Salvador. Pop, Classical, Broadway and more.

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"If you are a teacher who wants to introduce music to your class, there is no better resource than this."

Marianne Brogan
Founder, Portland Ukulele Association

Why is ukulele perfect for music education?


Download your free starter kit with 2 easy songs to teach right away, a lesson plan, flashcards and much more.

Clear and simple

Ukulele in the Classroom uses beautifully simple line drawings to illustrate fingerings, posture and the parts of the ukulele. Clarity, not clutter.

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Music for the ages

Ukulele in the Classroom is perfect for students aged 8 to 80+. The method is hands-on, engaging, positive and accessible both for the young and the young-at-heart.

Full to the brim

Ukulele in the Classroom includes a rich blend of technique and repertoire lessons with over 50 ready-made ukulele arrangements. Students learn traditional melodies from over a dozen countries, popular song and classical favourites.

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Yes, it's free.

Never worry about books again. Download your E-Books once and use them for life. Print and share freely. Stop worrying about your budget and start making music. 


Ukulele Teacher Toolkit | Audio backing tracks, interactive scores, video tips with James, lesson guides, learning outcomes and more. Add some awesome to your lessons! Learn More