Ukulele Summer Bingo!

pedagogy corner Jul 05, 2021

Looking for a summer activity for your students or ukulele group? Something fun that will keep them learning? Uketropolis Summer Bingo challenge to the rescue!

We thought it would be a whole lot of summer fun to create an activity for you to share with your students or ukulele group. Something that would give them a series of challenges to work through during vacation time or time away from lessons and classes.

Perfect for teachers looking to encourage students to keep learning and making music over the summer months. Great for ukulele groups who want to push their skills and maybe have a little gentle competition amongst the group. Or perhaps you're looking for something to keep your own ukulele chops up this summer!

Here's how it works:

  • Choose the pre-filled Uketropolis Summer Bingo printable or use the blank version to fill in your own challenges geared to your students' levels. 
  • Participants must complete five challenges to fill a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row. 
  • They can choose the line with activities they are most interested in, giving them opportunity to customize their own summer learning fun. 
  • You can celebrate those who complete a line by highlighting them in your group, or perhaps even offer a prize draw for those who submit completed games by the end of the summer, just to make it a little more enticing! 

Download your Uketropolis Summer Bingo activity sheets here:

Uketropolis Summer Bingo

Uketropolis Summer Bingo (fillable version) 

Share your Uketropolis Bingo experience in the JHUI Café or Uketropolis community and we'll give you an ukulele winner's cheer!   

Have fun!

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