We'll get through this with music.

james' two cents Aug 26, 2020


It's a tough time to be a teacher. Nobody knows what the school year will bring. It could be in-person classes. It could be online lessons. It could be both. Only one thing is for certain: you don't have time to prepare for everything.

You need something that will pivot with you, whether you're in-class or online. Something that helps you give awesome lessons no matter what. Here's some good news: all three levels of my classroom ukulele method are now free. They're free e-books available to anyone, anywhere. You never have to worry about books again!

Plus, I've just launched the Teacher Toolkit and think this can really help. It's the "secret sauce" that lets you pivot between online and offline and always give your students a great lesson. The Teacher Toolkit is like a teacher assistant and house band rolled into one. In every lesson you get:

  • Video tips from me to share with your students
  • Backing tracks for your students to play along with (this is especially important when you're teaching online and still want students to feel like they're playing with a group)
  • Interactive scores that let you speed up, slow down, loop sections for practise plus a virtual fretboard that shows exactly how to play everything. (You can even create custom scores showing just the parts your students need to see and you can print or send those custom scores to your students. It's really amazing.)

You need something that will pivot with you, whether you're in-class or online. 

The best thing to do is just go and try it yourself at www.uketropolis.com/toolkit. You'll get a free backing track to try out with your students and 30 days to decide if the Toolkit is the right fit for you. There's really no risk and it might just be the life-raft you've been looking for.

It's a tough time to be a music teacher. But you're doing important work and you're not alone. I'm here for you, the Uketropolis community is cheering you on, and this Teacher Toolkit is designed specifically to help you meet the challenges of today's classroom. We'll get through this together. We'll get through this apart if we have to. We'll get through this with music.

James Hill is the founder of Uketropolis and author of several ukulele learning methods including Ready, Steady, Ukulele!BOOSTER UKE and The Ukulele Way. He is co-author, with J. Chalmers Doane, of Ukulele in the Classroom.


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