Who’s ready for ukulele fun with the New Ukulele Funbook!

pedagogy corner Mar 02, 2021


James Hill interviews Ukulele Funbook author Zsolt Schäfer on the Uketropolis Podcast: click here to listen!

We’ve all been working hard to manage through this pandemic. As a teacher and a parent, I have found myself challenged regularly to keep my students and my own kids learning and growing. Now might be just the right time for a little creative break and we’ve got just the thing to share with you: Ukulele Funbook!

This fresh new Ukulele activity book for kids —which in contrast to Ukulele in the Classroom is playfully subtitled Ukulele Outside the Classroom—was created by ukulele teacher, illustrator, Uketropolis online ukulele lessons team member, and father of three, Zsolt Schäfer. 

Ukulele Funbook features the adorable Treble Gang characters whom you’ll recognize from the Ukulele in the Classroom series. They’ll take you on a—dare I say it again—FUN musical journey through colouring pages, games, puzzles, and musical play. There are also four original tunes in the mix and the book is filled to the brim with creative and puzzle-y goodness. These are super activities for kids (and the young-at-heart!). 

  • Teachers, looking to give your music students something useful and entertaining on a Friday afternoon when you’ve run out of steam? Funbook!
  • Parents, planning a long car ride? Stuck inside on a rainy day? Funbook!
  • Students, fingers tired but you want to keep learning? You guessed it: Funbook!

The book also comes with a printing guide so you can control how you want to print it out. One page at a time to give your students in class now and then? No problem. As a booklet to work through all together? Absolutely. 

You can pick up this delightful new activity book by heading right over here. Then get ready to have… yeah, you know it! Now where are my coloured pencils...?

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Cynthia Kinnunen is a music educator in Guelph, Ontario and is also a member of Team Uketropolis. www.cynthiakmusic.com

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