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The Godfather of Canadian Ukulele: J. Chalmers Doane (Part Two)

Uncategorized May 17, 2021

In part two of our interview with Canada’s godfather of ukulele, J. Chalmers Doane continues sharing his experience of bringing our favourite instrument into schools and communities across Canada. 

Uketropolis Team Member Zsolt...

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Let's Get Social! Social media as a tool for your music teaching business

pedagogy corner May 12, 2021


Practically everyone's on social media these days. How do we best promote your online music lessons on social media? There’s a lot to learn but we’ve got a few ideas to help get you started thinking about your online strategy...

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7 Reasons Why You Should Learn To Play The Ukulele

from the vault Apr 27, 2021


The more things change, the more they stay the same, except perhaps the price of ukuleles! This month's From the Vault is a true throwback to the original Ukulele Yes! print magazine, with an article from the very first issue in...

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The Godfather of Canadian Ukulele: J. Chalmers Doane (Part One)

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2021

The first of a two-part interview with Canadian ukulele education legend, J. Chalmers Doane, sharing the story of his own musical evolution and reflecting on bringing music education to thousands through this instrument for more than 50...

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Teaching Alternate Tunings

pedagogy corner Apr 13, 2021


Everyone’s talking about alternate tunings on ukulele. But can we bring them into the classroom to use with our students? You bet!

Alternate tunings are a hot topic these days. James got us excited in mid-2020 when he shared his...

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The Cruel War

from the vault Mar 23, 2021

Each month, we'll bring back a post From the Vault that we think is worth checking out again. This month, we share a powerful traditional tune that you can really dig into, whether in your own personal learning or for teaching to...

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Breakout Magic! (Part 2) - How To Use Breakout Rooms

pedagogy corner Mar 17, 2021


Last month we got the conversation started around using breakout rooms in our virtual classroom platforms. This month, we have a few more ideas that you can test out with your students. Let's jump right in!

This post was written...

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Who’s ready for ukulele fun with the New Ukulele Funbook!

pedagogy corner Mar 02, 2021


James Hill interviews Ukulele Funbook author Zsolt Schäfer on the Uketropolis Podcast: click here to listen!

We’ve all been working hard to manage through this pandemic. As a teacher and a parent, I have found myself...

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How To Use Breakout Rooms With Online Teaching - Breakout Magic! (Part 1)

pedagogy corner Feb 18, 2021

Music teachers have always been innovative. Now that we’ve been thrown online for much of the past year, we’ve been trying to figure out how to create opportunities for musical engagement with our students in virtual settings.


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Teaching Ukuelele Jazz Chord Progressions

pedagogy corner Dec 21, 2020

Jazz ukulele might feel out-of-reach for many students, especially those who are just starting out, perhaps with an online beginner's course for ukulele. But is there a way for us to enjoy the magic of ukulele jazz chord progressions...

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